We have a Copper puppy we would like to introduce:

                          AK's MONEY IN THE BANK  (Chase)

                  To date:   Hips         OFA Excellent

                                 Elbows     Normal 

   Chase is a "fox red" yellow Labrador who is also chocolate factored.




About Us

I originally owned a litter mate to Copper’s sire “Devil”, named Catcher. He was retired because of Lyme disease. Copper is a great deal like Catcher; affectionate, non-aggressive, always trying to please. Copper is ready to work all the time, no attitudes if corrected, just a great dog.  This is an especially great trait for an amateur dog because he will work as much as you would like, and if you make a mistake he does not hold it against you.

Mark Mosher and his family raised Copper from a puppy. Mark did all of his training until his father, David took over. I had watched Copper's development from a puppy to an all-age dog and I was very impressed with him. Mark was interested in selling him; however he was asking more money than I had ever dreamed of spending on a dog.

I am also quite aware of the immense costs to buy a well-bred puppy, raise it, train it, send it out for winter training; as it is not possible to train here in Maine, and wait 3-4 years to see if you have something special. It was just a lot of money to spend.  One day I said to my wife Jennifer that I would really like to own Copper, that he possessed all the best qualities I had ever seen in the best dogs I have ever shared my life with. She told me to buy him. We did. It was a great decision. Without Jen’s insistence we would not own Copper at this time and I want to thank her for that.

Copper is a good marker, a great lining dog, understands poison birds without any hassle, and always tries. A negative, if you consider it one, would be his speed on all retrieves. He does over run short retired birds at times and can easily be past a blind before you can blow a whistle.

Trainability:  10
Personality:  10